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Jaguar XJC photo albums
The XJC fresh from the paintshop and ready for assembly

The photos in these Albums detail the restoration and eventual return to the road of my magnificent classic Jaguar XJC V12 as well as a sneak peak at the Broadspeed Jaguar XJ12C race car.

Unfortunately there is a noticeable variation in paint and trim colour between some of the photos of my car.  The colours change because a couple of different cameras were used over time and, depending on lighting conditions, whether a flash was used or not.  Also some pictures were scanned and others are direct from a digital camera.

Click on the links below, or the menu on the left, to go to the relevant photo album.

Restoration photos

Click to view Jaguar XJC restoration photos

 Restored photos

Click to view photos of Jaguar XJC restored

Broadspeed photos

Broadspeed thumb

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