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Jaguar XJC photo gallery

There are quite a few photos available on this site.  They follow the purchase and restoration of my Jaguar XJC 5.3.   More will be added over time.  You will notice an unavoidable variation in paint and trim colour between some of the photos.  The colours change depending on lighting conditions and whether a flash was used.  I also utilised three different cameras over time and some pictures are scanned and others direct from a digital camera.

Jaguar XJC frontJaguar XJC sideJaguar XJC rearJaguar XJC RH rearJaguar XJC consoleJaguar XJC interior frontJaguar XJC interiorJaguar XJC interior rearJaguar XJC V12 engineJaguar XJC bootJaguar XJC V12 emblemJaguar leaper ornament

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Restoration Completed

Restoration workBead blasted

Original purchase


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