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Unfortunately I had to remove the link to my E-mail address due to problems with spam!   I welcome genuine inquiries and comments from fellow enthusiasts so to overcome spam I provide my E-mail address as a graphic.

Note:  You cannot “click on” this to automatically place it in your E-mail program.  Open your E-mail and type the address in the “TO” box.  Apologies for this but it overcomes spam which is a huge problem!

Introducing the owner

 I thought I would add a little bit about myself just to give a little perspective to these Web pages.

Hard at work on my pride and joy.  Click to enlargeIn 1982, while racing Super Karts, I had a serious accident  that damaged my spinal cord and left me a paraplegic.  Using a wheelchair for my mobility hasn’t slowed me down and over the years I have played top level wheelchair basketball, travelled Australia & overseas and built a career in senior management.

Getting a bit more mature, with no kids at home and a bit of money available I decided it was time to indulge in the classic cars that I had admired for years.  I had been to the car shows, concourses and show and shines etc. and I had read all the relevant magazines from cover to cover since before I could drive.

Now was the time to take the plunge and buy a classic/collectible car that I could be proud of - not just everyday transport but a car to be admired and saved for future generations that would only come out of the garage on sunny weekends.Applying a coat of etch primer. Click to enlarge

I had trained as a Panel Beater in the 70’s but hadn’t worked in the trade for over 20 years.  The skills were still there and I had the enthusiasm to do a minor restoration or repaint.  The wheelchair does make it a bit more difficult to handle some of the large, heavy or awkward work but I could still handle most of it - although generally at a reduced pace (pictures).

The final decision to undertake the restoration was made when a good friend put up his hand to help with the more difficult aspects of the work.  Malcolm is also a car and motorcycle enthusiast and he saw his involvement in this project as his way of “owning” a classic Jaguar restoration.  He has done a magnificent job of restoring a mid 70’s Suzuki motorcycle and I must admit that without Malcolm’s help the Jag restoration would not have been possible.Proud helper, Malcolm was all smiles as the coupe left the spray booth

So there you have a bit of background on me.  I hope your visit to this site was informative and entertaining.  Feel free to E-mail me with any comments, suggestions or questions.

Don Lewis
Proud Jaguar XJC owner & restorer
Melbourne Australia



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