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Web sites for the XJC and Jaguar enthusiast

JCCV - Jaguar Car Club of Victoria (Melbourne) Specialist car club for Jaguar enthusiasts in Victoria, Australia

Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia (Sydney) New South Wales car club for Jaguar enthusiasts

The Jaguar Magazine  Australian magazine for lovers of Jaguar cars

JDHT Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust (UK) The official custodians of Jaguar's history, archives and vehicles. Can provide Heritage Certificates

Jag-Lovers (USA) One of the most comprehensive Jaguar sites on the web - covers most models

Martin Robey  (UK) Manufacturer and supplier of Classic Jaguar parts.  From small parts to complete body shells. Comprehensive web shop delivers worldwide

SNG Barratt (UK) Independent supplier and manufacturer of parts for classic Jaguars.  Comprehensive web shop delivers worldwide

Leatherique (USA) Leather restoration products and sound DIY advice and how to articles.  Available in Australia from PPC (see below)

PPC Permanent Painted Coatings (Sydney) Rust restoration supplies - rust converters and rust prevention paints.  Leatherique leather treatment

AJ6 Engineering  (UK) Range of upgrades and interesting technical and improvement articles on Jag V12 engines etc

The world's fastest vinyl roof  Informative website by a Canadian XJC owner and enthusiast


A selection of XJC YouTube videos

XJC Reunion Tour:  Seemingly endless parade of gorgeous restored and modified XJC's. Port Stephens, New South Wales, Australia 2017

XJC Muster:  Great gathering and parade of XJC's.  Echuca, Victoria, Australia 2015

Jaguar XJC Restomod:  A Retropower Limited project (UK).  A fabulous restoration and upgrade by the perfectionists at Retropower

Jaguar XJC Restoration:  Excellent coverage of a full restoration on a Daimler XJ6C that needed a lot of work.  Bare shell to immaculate driver.

XJC V12 drive and review:  Harry's Garage (UK).  Owners review of his Jaguar XJ5.3C with minor upgrades including 5 speed manual.

XJC V12 restoration:  Harry's Garage (UK). Part 1 of a 10 part series following the full restoration of the XJC V12 that was reviewed above 

Is this the best sounding XJC V12:  Harry's Garage (UK) 2021.  Review and road test of above car following an extensive restoration.


Broadspeed Jaguar XJC YouTube videos

Broadspeed XJ12C:  17th April 2010.  This was the last Broadspeed Jaguar XJC built (BELJC 004).  It was  purchased in 1997 by Peter Sloss of Just Jags in Sydney Australia.  In this video the car was being farewelled by local Jaguar enthusiasts as it had been sold and was returning to England. Enjoy the sound.

Broadspeed XJ12C:  17th April 2010:  As above but a slideshow version with detailed photos of the unrestored Broadspeed

Broadspeed XJ12C:  2013 JD Classics UK, online advert for the unrestored Broadspeed Jag #4 (BELJC 004) 

Broadspeed XJ12C:  2010 Goodwood.  The restored (perhaps over-restored) original 1976 Broadspeed race car

Broadspeed XJ12C:  History Part 1;  Interesting video, mainly about first Broadspeed Jag built in 1976 (BELJC 001)

Broadspeed XJ12C:  2018; BELJC 003, owned by Jaguar Heritage Trust and putting on noisy demo at Bicester car show UK

Broadspeed XJ12C:   2018 Glorious sound!  Broadspeed (BELJC 003) being loaded onto transporter after Bicester car show

Broadspeed XJ12C:  On the track with the Big Cat.  Turn up your speakers and enjoy the sound

Broadspeed XJ12C:  2015 Circuit Barcelona-Catalunya