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Try these links for more XJC and Jaguar contacts

My E-Type Jaguar  The web site for my E-Type Jaguar

My Jaguar XKR  The web site for my XKR Jag

My Locost Clubman  The web site for my home built Clubman sports car

XJC.COM.AU   (Australia) the web’s most comprehensive site for Jaguar XJC’s

Jaguar Car Club of Victoria (Aust)

Jag-Lovers   The best Jaguar site on the net

Jag-Lovers - XJ Coupes 

JDHT  Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust (UK)

Jag Drivers Club Australia

The worlds fastest vinyl roof    Canadian XJC owner

Greg Meboe’s XJC   USA Coupe owner

FiBoy’s Jaguar Home (Finland) A couple of amazing Jaguar restorations including a beautiful XJ12C with modern upgrades

H&H Prestige Spares    (Melbourne) Jag spares and accessories

Permanent Painted Coatings POR15 rust prevention paint

Leatherique Leather restoration products

Antique Tyre Supplies (Melbourne) Whitewall and other tyres to suit Jaguar

Carwood  Interior timber refurbishment for Jaguars

The Jaguar Magazine  Magazine for lovers of Jaguar Cars


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