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 Explore these pages and learn more about the selection, restoration, driving and ultimate sale of my rare and stunning Jaguar XJC V12 5.3.    After restoring and then enjoying my pride and joy for a few years I sold the XJC to another enthusiast in sunny Queensland.  I replaced the XJC with a Series 3 E-Type Jaguar V12 Coupe, which I also restored.  Take a look at my E-Type restoration web site for details on that car.

Click to enlarge - A good angle for Jaguar XJC viewing

The Jaguar XJC is one of Jaguar’s most under appreciated and undervalued classic vehicles.  It’s a beautifully proportioned large coupe that will only grow in value as collectors realise just how few are left.   Browse these pages and learn more about this beautiful classic - a  1977 Jaguar XJC V12.  I hope you enjoy your visit to this site and if you require more information, have suggestions for more material, or just want to discuss XJC Jaguars you can E-mail me.

This web site details my experience of purchasing, restoring and owning a Jaguar XJC V12.  I am located in Melbourne (Australia).  The restoration pages follow the Coupe through its rebuild and ultimate road use as a Sunday cruiser.


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Following the completion of the restoration the car was featured in a seven page article in The Jaguar Magazine (Edition 103, April 2002).  At the Jaguar Drivers Club of Australia 2002 Concourse d’Etat in Sydney the Jag received a Silver Award for excellence and at the Jaguar Car Club of Victoria 2002 Concourse in Melbourne it received a Silver Award for excellence


This site is designed to provide information that should be of interest to anyone who owns, or is contemplating buying an XJC Jaguar.  I hope I have succeeded and you find the site interesting.

To view the most informative Jaguar XJC site on the web I recommend that you visit XJC.COM.AU


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